Co-Extrusion Technique

Crafted Plastics stands as your premier provider of custom plastic extrusions, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications. Our dedication to excellence is exemplified through our innovative Co-Extrusion technique, delivering solutions tailored to your specific industrial requirements.

Uniting Materials, Enhancing Functionality

As one of the premier techniques in plastic manufacturing, co-extrusion seamlessly merges multiple materials or colors into a single, multi-layered product. This advanced process enables the combination of plastics with varying properties and colors, providing both exceptional functionality and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Precision in Process

The co-extrusion process involves the simultaneous extrusion of multiple materials through a single die, ensuring precise control over layer thickness and composition. By leveraging multiple thermoplastic melt streams, our co-extrusion line crafts products with distinct layers, each maintaining its desired characteristic properties.

Design Versatility and Performance

Our co-extrusion capabilities empower clients with end products that deliver enhanced versatility and performance. By blending materials into separate layers, we optimize strength, resistance to wear, stiffness, and oxygen permeability, catering to various application requirements. Whether the application involves enhancing the weather resistance of outdoor products or simulating the warmth of wood with plastic substitutes, co-extrusion allows for extensive design possibilities.

Exceptional Advantages

The benefits of co-extrusion extend far beyond traditional manufacturing processes. From cost-efficiency and material optimization to advanced tooling capabilities, our co-extrusion technologies deliver superior results at a minimal total cost. In addition, the sleek finishes and vibrant colors achievable through our co-extrusion line services enhance both functionality and aesthetics, without the need for additional painting or finishing steps.

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