Dual Durometer Extrusion Technique

At Crafted Plastics, we are your experienced partner in delivering custom plastic extrusions customized for various industrial applications. Our commitment to innovation and quality shines through our cutting-edge techniques, including the revolutionary Dual Durometer process.

Understanding Dual Durometer

Dual durometer stands as one of the pinnacle techniques in plastic extrusion, merging two materials with differing hardness seamlessly into a single, unified cross-section. This technique unlocks numerous possibilities, whether combining flexible and rigid materials or blending various opacities to craft intricately designed parts.

The Fusion of Functionality and Strength

By utilizing dual durometer extrusion, our team at Crafted Plastics delivers products where structural integrity combines with flexible functionality. Imagine a rubber door gasket, or a flexible hinge seamlessly integrated with a stiffer durometer rigid part, providing both closure seal and attachment functionalities within a single piece. This not only streamlines assembly processes but also enhances overall product performance.

Unleashing Creative Potential

Crafted Plastics empowers clients to explore creative avenues with dual durometer extrusion. From multi-color designs to intricate geometries like holes and notches, the possibilities are limitless. In addition, the ability to create aesthetically appealing parts or easily add Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs), for example, makes our solutions adaptable to diverse requirements.

Advantages Amplified

The advantages of dual durometer extrusion extend far beyond cost savings. Through the combination of material properties, clients can achieve the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, ideal for applications such as gaskets. Moreover, the uniform cross-section ensures reliability even under demanding conditions.

Seamless Integration, Superior Results

At Crafted Plastics, we seamlessly integrate dual durometer extrusion into our repertoire, ensuring consistent quality and precision results. With capabilities mirroring standard extrusion processes, clients can expect custom-made solutions that provide superb performance and versatility.

Explore the Possibilities of Dual Durometer Extrusion

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